Latest News for Diet And Weight Management

What is cholesterol ratio and why is it important?

Sun, 26 Mar 2017 06:00:00 PDT
In this article, learn about the difference between "good" and "bad" cholesterol. How do they affect the body? How can you manage high cholesterol?
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Diet tips to improve insulin resistance

Sat, 25 Mar 2017 06:00:00 PDT
In this article, learn about how to reduce insulin insensitivity and the risk of type 2 diabetes. Which foods should you eat? Which foods should you avoid?
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How do alcohol and caffeine affect A-fib?

Sat, 25 Mar 2017 03:00:00 PDT
Learn how caffeine and alcohol may affect the heart and if they are triggers for A-fib. Is it safe to consume alcohol and caffeine with A-fib?
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How to use basal insulin: Benefits, types, and dosage

Fri, 24 Mar 2017 02:00:00 PDT
In this article, learn all about basal insulin injections, which help regulate blood sugar levels in people diagnosed with diabetes.
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Oral allergy syndrome: Foods, symptoms, and treatments

Thu, 23 Mar 2017 00:00:00 PDT
In this article, learn about the causes of allergic reactions that affect the mouth, lips, tongue, and throat, as well as how to manage the condition.
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Food insecurity in early childhood linked to young children's skills in kindergarten

Wed, 22 Mar 2017 06:00:00 PDT
In the United States, estimates show that a substantial number of children under age 5 live in households that are food insecure.
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Alzheimer's linked to unsaturated fatty acids in the brain

Wed, 22 Mar 2017 00:00:00 PDT
New research finds a correlation between the levels of six unsaturated fatty acids and the development of Alzheimer’s disease in older adults.
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Dementia not prevented with vitamin E, selenium, study finds

Mon, 20 Mar 2017 09:00:00 PDT
New clinical trial and cohort study investigate the preventive effects of vitamin E and selenium on elderly men with no symptoms of dementia.
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Women, particularly minorities, do not meet nutrition guidelines shortly before pregnancy

Mon, 20 Mar 2017 00:00:00 PDT
Black, Hispanic and less-educated women consume a less nutritious diet than their well-educated, white counterparts in the weeks leading up to their first pregnancy, according to the only...
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