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staff nurse

Emirates: Sharjah
Contact: 971569689115
Experience: 4-6 years
Education: Bachelors Degree
Description: OB-GYNE  Provide comprehensive nursing care  Preparing patient for delivery  Attaching CTG machine, monitor for patient with pre- term labor  Providing proper and good ventilation for patient; administering O2 inhalation thru facemask and nasal prong.  Caring and monitoring OB-GYNE patient. Taking vital signs. Monitoring fetal heart beat by Doppler, Monitoring contractions and progress of labor by CTG.  Providing hygiene and comfort, assisting patient in doing proper hygiene, oral care and perineal care.  Computing and implementation of total fluid intake and medicine both orally and parentally.  Prevention of complication and infection of post partum and post operative patient, proper hand washing , and observing of aseptic technique.  Assisting attending physician during doctor’s round. Carry out doctor’s order correctly.  Do actual IV insertion with IV cannula.  Help other personnel in their field of expertise during X-ray exposure, ECG, ultrasound, and echocardiography.  Acquired confidence in giving medicines.  Responsible for provision of nursing care to the patient and make reasonable judgment within the scope of nursing policy to maintain patients safety.  Prepare the patient physically and psychologically for surgical procedures and diagnostic studies.  Administer intravenous medication including blood transfusion, IV insertion and dressing in accordance with the published policy and procedure of the hospital.  Accurately monitor IV infusion rates, intravenous infusion and medication.  Participate in discharge patient planning with the patient and family including medicine as necessary.